HPD sensors has the following systems for car parks:
1.  Parking guidance to free place through red/green lights and displays
2. Counting system of free places in the parking basing on the detection of incoming and outgoing vehicles

The first type is a modern system that allows users to quickly locate the nearest free parking place in the parking lot. The system is composed by ultrasonic sensors and lights in each place that turn to red if the place is taken otherwise it stays green. In large car parks the system can be integrated with displays indicating the vacancies in different sectors.

The second system is able to detect the transits of the vehicles entering and leaving the car park and to provide the number of vehicles parked. The sensors used for detecting the transits are based on a technology which measures the variation of the earth’s magnetic field produced by the transit of the vehicles. A control unit connected to the sensors calculates the available places in the car park and sends them to a control center or a local display.

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