05 novRange & Speed detector

The Range&Speed detector LSR2001-R&S can provide the distance and speed of an object in real time.

The Range&Speed is based on a laser scanner that can have 1 or 4 detection planes (depending on the version) with a detection angle of 96°. Along the plane the sensor have a high resolution (274 points) and is able to detect and track almost any kind of object.

The detector continuously checks the position of the object and determines how it moves providing presence, distance and speed information.

It can be used in traffic, industrial automation or whatever application where a precise control of the position of an object is needed.

Depending on the application the maximum range of detection can vary from 20 to 30 meters.

The area of detection can be configured by software; any object or person moving outside the configured are will be ignored.

The laser can Identify and track multiple simultaneous objects in the detection area.

The laser is very fast and can update the information each 16 ms. So it can be used in real time application where a specific action has to be taken basing on the position and speed of an object.

The LSR2001-R&S provides the following data:

  • Presence
  • Distance X and Y
  • Speed X and Y

For more info visit the page: http://lnx.hpdsensors.com/?page_id=1404

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