The laser scanner technology is one of the best performing in the field of traffic monitoring as it is fast, accurate and flexible. Laser scanner will continuously scans 4 planes with an opening of 96 ° scan. Whereas the detection distance is 20 m. the area monitored by the scanner is very large and allows for example to control a two-lane road. Thanks to the high accuracy of measurement, the sensor can be used for:

  • speed detection
  • detect the profile of the vehicle (height, length, width, etc..) carrying out a precise classification
  • detect the axles of vehicles
  • queue/line detection
  • provide the trigger for cameras (in eg ANPR)
  • Detect vehicles at intersections with traffic lights (instead of the electromagnetic loops with lower installation costs)

Depending on the application, the sensor can be installed above or to the side of the road. Designed specifically for road applications, the sensor is equipped with an IP65 enclosure and is equipped with filtering software that allows it to correctly detect even with rain or snow.

For more information please visit http://lnx.hpdsensors.com/?page_id=889

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