It often happens that vehicles with high height ( trucks, tractors ) damage overhead  infrastructures by bumping on them. This event creates damages to the infrastructure , to the vehicle and also to traffic. HPDSENSORS has developed the system RAM 20 which, placed before the critical points , detects any vehicles that exceed the maximum permitted height and activate an alarm. The driver can be warned through the activation of flashing lights on a sign , or by an inscription on a variable message board or even through a traffic light.

RAM 20 is based on a laser scanner sensor which monitors the height of the vehicles on the road up to a maximum of 5 lanes . The system is also able to inform about what is the lane of the overheight vehicle.

Installation can be performed easily on a side pole as high as the height of the threshold and can be powered by mains or solar power.

The system is able to detect even small objects that exceed the height of the vehicle (down to a minimum of 5 cm ) . For example, if a truck with crane has not completely lowered the crane, the system is able to detect it.

Particular attention was paid to the elimination of false alarms due to weather conditions or the passage of birds.

The system is very useful when it is important to preserve overhead structures such as bridges, viaducts, underpasses or tunnels .

For more information about the product visit http://lnx.hpdsensors.com/?page_id=937

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