It is eventually available a unique traffic detector that can distinguish the transit of buses and coaches with high reliability. The above ground sensors that detect the length and the height profile of the vehicle have a strong inaccuracy in the distinction of buses and trucks of equivalent length . The laser scanner detector ( http://lnx.hpdsensors.com/?page_id=889 ) , installed at road side , is able to distinguish vehicles for the transportation of people with high accuracy. This is due to the highly advanced algorithms that were specially designed for applications where it is important to recognize the people transport vehicles .

The most common application is the one that involves the installation of sensors at tunnel entrances so you know how many buses transit inside the tunnel .

Another important application is to detect incoming touristic buses in the city.

The sensor must be installed on the street side at a height of about 4 meters and , in addition to detecting buses and coaches , it is also able to classify cars, vans and heavy vehicles.


COMARK – Traffic detectors division

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